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Mischief's Pet Portraits is owned and operated by me, Missy Scott. I personally hand-paint each portrait with love. Here's a pic of me smiling at you.



Using my style and your images, I employ color and attention to detail to capture your pet and their unique personality on canvas. 10% of sales are donated to the Oregon Humane Society. 



I live and work in Portland, OR. I love to meet my clients! If you are in the Portland area and time allows, I am happy to meet at a public location to hand-deliver your order.

Artis's Story


 When I was a little girl I knew I would a vet when I grew up. Because it meant that as long as I was the best, and I would be, I could save all the animals. My logic was flawless and I had a life plan at 5. I don’t remember the moment, but I remember the feeling when I learned that my logic was in fact very flawed and one of the two certainties of life was true. I would someday have to tell someone that their beloved pet was gone, that I had failed them and there was nothing I could do. I had that sensation in my stomach like the time I drank too much orange soda and went on a tilt-a-whirl. That was it. The crushing realization that my life-long dream was never going to be was devastating. But facts were facts and I didn’t have the heart nor the stomach for it. It would be two decades before I even started to think again about what I wanted to be when I grew up.

My first job was at 15 when I worked at the local vet/kennel taking care of the pets who were boarded and cleaning animal OR rooms. I really loved that job. I got to pet and play with all sorts of dogs and cats (and even a bunny once) and didn’t have to deal with people unless I was bringing them their dog or cat out of the back to reunite them - and it was always a good feeling for all involved. This work experience reinforced my belief that I am like Elmyra or Jessica Day level in love with animals and there was no way that I could do what the vet did. 

Almost as much as I love animals, I love art and making things with my hands. So when I went to college, it was an easy choice to study drawing and painting. I graduated in 2009 with a Bachelors of Fine Art and shortly after ended up at various office-type jobs. While I am freaking fantastic at filing paperwork (thanks to an overzealous attention to detail), it is not my desired career path and not the best use of my abilities.

A few years ago I started thinking about what I really want to do. If I could get paid to do something that I enjoy and that I am good at, what would that look like? It would have to be either a job where I was making something or working with animals. One day while in the shower, suds in my hair, pondering my life, I had an “Ah-ha” moment. The answer wasn't either/or, it was both. I had the idea that I should make something with my hands related to animals. Like painting pet portraits.

After my shower epiphany I started doing paintings right away to see if it was truly a good idea and if I had the creative capacity to sustain painting the same or similar subject over and over. That was 3-4 years ago now, and after 4 paintings of my cat Frida and many more painting of other pets, I am more excited to start my next painting than I was my last. So, yes, it was a good, sustainable idea. But it was about one year into doing these pet paintings when the “why” it felt right really hit me. 

I was working on a portrait of Molotov, an adorable, sweet 7-year-old boxer-lab mix wearing goggles, when her mom, my friend, called to share the tragic news that Mol was unexpectedly sick and had to be put down. I cried most of the time I worked on finishing the painting. My heart was broken for loss of such a special creature and I felt for my friend who had to say goodbye too soon. A few weeks after giving the portrait to my friend she thanked me for the gift and told me that it brought her comfort as it makes her feel like she still has a little piece of Mol in here home. It was then that I realized I was in fact following my 5-year-old self’s life plan. I wanted to grow up to be someone with the power to save all the animals and keep them alive forever. Now, in a small way, that is what I do.

How it Works



First, select the size you would like. I offer square format paintings ranging from 6" x 6" to 24" x 24" on 1.5" deep gallery wrapped canvas. You can purchase in full on the Shop or Contact me if you prefer to make a 50% deposit.

Next, you send me pictures of your pet(s) via email to 

missy@mischiefspetportraits.com.  You can not send too many pictures (seriously) - they give me a great feeling for personality and a good range to choose from. If you can, snap a well lit picture of them looking directly at you/the camera.


Design Options

I will contact you to discuss which photo(s) to use and your color preferences. Feel free to ask for any color combinations, inclusions or exclusions, or choose "artists choice" and let me surprise you. Please take a look at my Gallery to see my style and the colors I like to use.
With the colors and pictures picked out, I go to work. Using your photo for reference, I do my very best to capture the look and personality of your special pet. Each painting generally takes 25-40 hours to complete. Please see my Contact page for my current turn-around time.


Approval and Delivery

Once completed, I will send you an image of the finished work for your approval. Please feel free to give me your honest feedback at that time, as I want you to be fully satisfied with your portrait.  Please note that any requested changes will add to the turn-around time.

​With your approval, I will package and send the painting(s) to you via ground shipping. You receive the painting ready to hang. Put it on the wall and enjoy your one-of-a-kind portrait that is as unique as your pet!